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The Collaborative Art Installation

For The Summer Junction Solstice Festival, 2019


This project was something that my partner and I put together for The Summer Junction Solstice Festival in June 2019. As I have a passion for art and working with children, combining the two was a dream of mine, so we made that dream happen.


We started by building a wall and three-dimensional shapes that can be moved around, stacked, and flipped. These pieces acted as the 'blank canvas' for the collaborative phase of the event. We displayed the installation at the festival and provided paint and tools for people to come and create as they pleased. Throughout the day families and their

children freely painted, slowly covering every inch of white with layers of colourful creativity.


The purpose of this project was to bring togetherness where self expression could be encouraged in children and the community.

installation JSF 2019 .tiff
art installation JSF 2019.tiff
art installation JSFestival,2019.tiff
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